[Ainol] Ainol Novo Hero 10’1″ Dual Core 1,5Ghz -hero out of the box disassemble evaluation-

[Ainol] Ainol Novo10 Hero 10’1″ hero out of the box Hero disassemble evaluation

1, just look at the box photo does not feel great, but the actual box full than yesterday the unpacking of novo7 legendary big twice as fast as the front is very simple:


The back and legend joined the glutinous rice image and prominently labeled with the Android 4.1 jelly beans in the first line is, novo10 Aino first episode that officially machines equipped with Andrews 4.1 system, and from design debugging that has been based on the 4.1, so the initial trial feel firmware apparent than Wizard 2 Aurora 2 closed beta 4.1.1 firmware completed high AML seems in The new machine debugging perfect new firmware, mature only to the old machine type transplanted transition, but the Aino soon will be AML 4.1.1 open source, so that time can be based on the latest version of the hero 4.1.1 firmware after a steady stream of flight feathers Great God transplanted into flames, elves, Aurora 2 up program providers do not need to wait; dual-core tablet in the sections of Aino’s MX 4.1.1 source of support should also soon have better CM10 firmware overseas the DIY firmware, players build, it is worth looking forward to this day


3, the side of the bar code, my sn is over 200, it appears that it is the first batch of more forward


Screen facing up, open the cover, the hero sets similar to the legendary XL protective bag, but the superstructure sponge buffer layer protection


5, the upper left corner of the main specifications of stickers from the legend, the hero became family Facebook, eye-catching content, including yellow touch screen, 10-point touch (yes, this is also the first 10-point touch Aino models If you are a piano party can finally play in the 10.1-inch screen.)
Observant players will find Aino LOGO and ainol words torn from the front, although many players mentioned I’d think this is nothing, Is Aino listened to most of the recommendations in the forum tackle the more low-key and harmonious?


6, the back shell is very dark gray-brown to almost black, aluminum alloy material along the part of the combined on a piece of plastic (wifi signal) splicing, looks simply flames larger version


7, the key part, personal feeling gap can also be smaller that the keys feel and good feedback


8, the interface part, from lower left to upper right are the headphones the jack, microusb data line interface (because the the 7.4V battery novo10 hero, can not charge through usb port), miniHDMI output interface, TF card slot, MIC Mike radio hole DC charging hole, the interface is fairly reasonable, at least stuck the headphones play will not hand grip conflict, but personally feel DC Wang Zuoce to mouth and then shifted to right in the data line interface, as legendary the tf card slots in the far right hand position would be more appropriate, or while playing will conflict and grip while charging, of course, although you can flip the screen


9, rear camera remove the flames AF function is ordinary 2-megapixel fixed focus camera, the main reason may be, or because of the AML program comes with the control part of the camera hardware, leading to focus entirely CPU computing, slow and not allowed the relative tasteless, and hope that future support programs Aino longer use the best AF camera again high level of photographic cameras perfect camera function here Aino low-key publicity inside front Specification highlights a feature, is novo10 hero Aino use dual speakers tablet, and opening quite loud speaker volume should be impressive


10 positive LOGO disappear to move to the back of the middle position, In fact, this is also very striking, machine Penma then moved to the bottom of the frame, and the color is very low-key, I turn angle adjusting exposure make it easier to shoot well ….


11, attachments: manual, warranty card, data cable and headset (headphones in order to match the color of novo10 hero probably different from the usual white, this replaced the black), found no consistent small certification label, do I unboxing did not look lost or forget to put? To illustrate the manual clearly written confirmation (and official) standard 12V charger novo10 hero, but not in the box is attached, but unfortunately brother sent me the machine probably did not pay attention to forget …. cups Yeah, but fortunately I have a 12V charger conversion head probably can deal


Overall, the preliminary look at the machine from the packaging and appearance of the highlights of Android 4.1 firmware, the +10 touch of the lithography process large touchscreen and dual speakers, then the inner how? Yesterday disassemble 3xx yuan cheap low-end machines legendary internal people feel good, whether novo10 hero can bring us more surprises?
Then disassemble ….
Apart the whole the whole picture, very special, the Aino PCB design different from the past, not the left large areas with a top of the inverted L-shaped, PCB neatly thin rectangular block of then equipped with two small separate PCB version of the plate interface and buttons through the cable connected to the motherboard, and was surprised to find the novo10 the hero almost entirely abandoned manual welding connection, wifi antenna, camera, speakers or shock or even The battery plug connection approach, is considerable a significant improvement, which is obviously Aino perfect design and craftsmanship forward and try to personally appreciate and support the choice.


2, PCB area close-up:


3, the main chip crystal Chen MX dual-core, 4 HY modern DDR3 memory particles (the back there are two) constitute 1G RAM, two MT meiguang 8G flash particles constitute 16G built-in flash memory storage capacity
But here I also found a nuances previously AML 8726-MX dual-core version of the main chip flames market sections of the machine in addition to the the two batches W17PRO earliest listed on the far end of all A-PHN684.00 APDN016 hero A-PKX580 In .00 ANKN003, do not know whether the following addition a surprise to find that the relevant


4, WIFI or flames that the Pok Hong WIFI + Bluetooth one chip, WIFI antenna leads to the top of the camera cephalic (see above), the audio chip or realtek ALC5631


5, single cable interface PCB leads small plates:


Two cables, disconnect the switch and interface can be exposed following a speaker, the speaker cable to the motherboard through the plug wire, that the plug should be powered usb port to interface small PCB look back shell parameters, maximum support 5V 500ma Output


7, PCB board the other end of another speaker and vibration interface, but here I was surprised to find a situation AML actually change power management chip seems the original chip the AXP202 engage in due to lack of technical support AML battered AML finally learn from their mistakes and total replacement of the PMU suppliers convert a model view Acitve-Semi brand 8863Q41 specifically the IC power management and frequency mobilization management how to actually experience it after the later used for a while and then reviews and with AXP202 comparison


8, each of the chassis on both sides of a plastic buckle and the bottom right corner of such a screw to hold the PCB, look carefully above the screw holes can be found, there is a limit slot


Apart all lines and screws tilt out from the plastic mount PCB flip the PCB on the back is also very neat, but few components, only two of RAM and a flash particles, PCB back pad insulation pad to prevent the same following direct contact with the metal back shell, another end of the line because of the back shell plastic insulating pad so no part, and the pad, it can not be crammed into the buckle


10, battery, two 4000mah 3.7V batteries in series, constitute a 7.4V 4000mah battery pack, equivalent 3.7V 8000mah capacity, but theoretically IPS big screen supply 7.4V battery with high conversion efficiency and low heat generation


11, the battery Paicha interface, here to remind, remove the PCB would like to put back the middle of the two batteries vinyl sewing must be lifted, or the length of the line angle is not enough, so as to see if the overhaul probably a consideration.


12 30 2000000 camera assembly paste is quite strong, I’m not hard to dismantle, put here photographed according to take a look at like


13, but also a major highlight, novo10 hero with a do not know is not the first (at least I Baidu Google disassemble chip) FT5606’s touch IC were not found, it looks like is Duitai technology behind 58xx series (for 10-inch to 12-inch screen) the product of the highest number of channels, channel up to 38X27, and a single chip supporting 10-point touch


14, the screen: the screen of the plant is different from most of the 10.1-inch screen on the market before the machine screen from John Choi, the Aino novo10 hero with seemingly the first time in the market from LG of LP101WX1-SLN2 of Panelook parameters we read for yourself:
http://www.panelook.cn/LP101WX1- … rview_cn_12790.html


Disassemble completed, personal feeling is no longer novelty Although Aino AML MX dual-core, low-key behind Novo10 hero, or give us a lot of noteworthy highlights and progress, dual speakers, such as used in the first single-chip 10-point touch, large the screen yellow craft touch (flames already embodies the advantages of this process the touch screen), LG LCD, etc., but personally think the bigger surprise is Aino from novo10 hero began to try the layout of the PCB component separation and a full line Paicha interface, which reflects the Ainol of craft and design as well as the constant pursuit of quality (aside from the flames since the restrictions solution providers whether we actually see the flames, the hero even legend so cheap the body are embodied Aino uninterrupted clear pursuit), people improve nor by what further Aino machine full of expectations, and novo10 hero from the internal structure design and process undoubtedly enough among the small and medium-sized domestic brands of domestic programs PAD first-class workmanship ranks for the same price, and preliminary experience AML 4.1.1 hero firmware feeling good, new power management IC (this is not a brand vendors can choose their own solution providers choose the before that AML MX dual-core all AXP202) preliminary impression is quite good, there was no sonic boom, the current sound, even fever feeling significantly reduce, but the initial impression is not good conclusion, or so on my time detailed experience and then to bring a follow-up evaluation, so stay tuned! ! !

source: padhz.com


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